Best Home Design Trends for 2024: According to Woodland Construction Group
Neutrals front room Colors
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Best Home Design Trends for 2024: According to Woodland Construction Group

Neutrals front room Colors
Credit: A living room -free of interior design – by Martha Mulholand. By Mike Schwartz

Discovering the latest home design trends is essential for homeowners looking to update their living space in 2024. In this article, we will highlight the top design trends for 2024, as identified by Woodland Construction Group. With their expertise, we will bring all homeowners great insights that will help them stay ahead of the curve and renovate with style.

Understanding the up-and-coming home design trends is crucial to ensure that you keep your living spaces looking fresh and inviting. Keeping up with design trends is also essential if you’re looking to sell your home, as it can increase the value of your property. By paying attention to these trends, homeowners can create spaces that are both stylish and comfortable.

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Modern Homes Embrace Warm Neutrals and Timeless Style

Homein Heidelberg

One of the most popular interior design trends is the use of warm neutrals in modern homes. Drawing inspiration from nature, earthy tones, soft beiges, and warm grays are becoming the foundation of many interior design schemes. By incorporating these colors, homeowners can create a welcoming and calming atmosphere while maintaining a timeless style that will endure changing trends. The trend emphasizes classic design elements that exude warmth and comfort in living spaces.

Warm neutrals are also gaining popularity in furniture, window treatments, and decor, making it easy for homeowners to update their spaces with nuances of colors without significant renovations. The versatility of warm neutrals allows them to complement other colors and textures, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

“By using warm neutrals in 2024 as a foundation, homeowners can easily update their home decor without the need for major renovations.”

At Woodland Construction Group, we understand the importance of timeless style in modern homes. Our team of expert designers can help you choose the perfect warm neutrals for your living space, guiding you through the latest trends and design ideas. With our help, you can create a stylish, inviting home that reflects your personal style and taste.

Take a look at these colors of warm neutrals incorporated into classic modern home design:

Neutral Colors

Combination Colors

Beige Beige and Brown
Gray Gray and Cream
Taupe Taupe and White
Cream Cream and Brown
Brown Brown and Beige


Warm neutrals are not a passing trend as the design flexibility steadily grows. It creates a sophisticated but comfortable look and feel for modern homes that lasts for years to come.

Decorative Materials and Housewares Take Center Stage


Decorative materials and housewares are expected to play a significant role in home design. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, these materials will be prominently displayed and celebrated for their visual texture and interest.

Decorative Materials


Handmade Clay Tiles Unique Accent Pieces
Graphic Veining Eye-catching Lighting Fixtures
Statement-making Details Beneath Island Countertops Unique and Handcrafted Ceramics for Daily Use
Custom Bathroom Vanities Crafted from Rustic Wood Elements Artistic Tableware and Dining Accessories

By incorporating these unique materials, homeowners can make bold design choices and add personality to their living spaces. The right choice of decorative materials can transform a space, while carefully chosen housewares can provide a sense of warmth and comfort. Home decor trends of 2024 highlight the importance of designing a home that feels complete and personalized.

Outdoor Spaces Become Extensions of the Interior

seamless indoor and outdoor patio

We predict that outdoor spaces will become an extension of the interior, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living. Homeowners will have more options than ever before to create outdoor spaces that feel organic and established, even in new construction.

Garden Paths and Patios Made of Natural Stones

2024 Stone Patio Trend

One of the home design trends in 2024 that is gaining a lot of buzz is the crafting of garden paths and patios with natural stones, beautifully complemented by ground cover. This approach does wonders for the look of outdoor spaces, making them feel like a natural extension of the home’s interior.

It’s all about bringing a bit of nature’s calm and serenity right into your backyard, perfect for those who dream of a peaceful outdoor retreat. This trend is really about blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, creating spaces that feel cohesive and naturally inviting.

Choosing natural stones and ground cover for your garden paths and patios isn’t just about style; it’s a practical move, too. These materials are not only long-lasting and easy to care for, but they also add to the overall charm and value of your home.

Patios Made of Natural Materials

In addition to garden paths, we predict that patios made of natural materials, such as wood, stone, or brick, will be a major significant trend in 2024. These designs provide a sense of warmth and natural beauty, while also being durable and long-lasting.

One way to incorporate this trend into your home design is to create a custom-built patio area that blends seamlessly with your home’s architecture. By working with a professional designer, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that truly feels like an extension of your indoor living areas.

Fluted Details Add Movement and Texture


In 2024, fluted details are set to make a statement in home design. Fluting refers to a sculptural technique that involves shaping grooves in a material, creating rhythmic movement and texture. Designers are installing fluted elements in various areas, such as behind the range or cooktop and surrounding backsplash areas.

Fluted elements add visual interest and depth to the space, making it more visually appealing. They can be used on walls and can also be incorporated into furniture, such as cabinets and bookcases, to add an interesting detail that creates a dynamic look. The design versatility of fluted details allows them to be incorporated into both traditional and modern interiors, providing a unique visual interest that won’t go out of style.

Trends Survey Article Detailing The 2024 Designer Trends

1stDibs Reveals 2024 Trends from its Annual Designer Survey: What’s IN and What’s OUT for Color, Motifs, Design and More

Summary: NEW YORK, Nov. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – 1stDibs, a leading marketplace for extraordinary design, has announced the results of its seventh annual Interior Designer Trends Survey, taken by 624 interior designers from around the world. The highly anticipated insights from the data help to predict and define the hottest trends of the upcoming year, as well as year-over-year change and design trends that are falling out of favor.

“As we begin 2024, it’s interesting to see the aesthetic shifts anticipated by interior designers, those discerning friends of ours who reliably lead the way in matters of style and taste,” said Anthony Barzilay Freund, Editorial Director, 1stDibs. “The results from our annual survey are in, and the experts have spoken: color preferences are changing, pattern affinity has evolved, and much of what we saw trending on social media last year may no longer be embraced.”

Full Article Link: 1stdibs.com article

Classic Design Meets Modern Elements

Homeowners are looking to combine classic design elements with modern touches to create an updated look. It’s all about striking a balance between the traditional and contemporary to achieve a timeless style that’s both elegant and current. By incorporating classic cabinetry and decorative moldings with modern finishes and features, homeowners can create a home interior that is uniquely theirs.

At Woodland Construction Group, we love the versatility of this design trend as it allows us to showcase our creativity in finding the perfect balance of classic and modern. We’ve found that the use of traditional elements such as crown molding and shaker-style cabinets juxtaposed with sleek stainless steel appliances and a glass tile backsplash can create an eye catching look in a contemporary kitchen.

When it comes to the bathroom, we’re seeing homeowners introducing traditional features such as claw-foot tubs or traditional vanities paired with updated materials like subway tiles or marble countertops. The result is a space that feels both welcoming and polished.

The key to successfully combining classic design with modern elements is to focus on high-quality craftsmanship and design elements that transcend eras. So go ahead, mix and match to your heart’s content – the possibilities are endless.

Focus on Texture and Visual Interest

Texture and visual interest
Credit: Noe DeWitt – Classic palette of cream and beige gets sun-kissed with complementary materials like bronze, brass, and gilt wood.

Texture and visual interest are crucial design choices that shape the overall look and feel of any living space. In 2024, interior design trends will continue to prioritize these elements, bringing together materials and finishes that provide tactile sensations and captivating visuals.

“To add warmth and comfort to neutral spaces, I love to layer a variety of ivory-toned textile techniques with rich leather, patinated metal, organic stone, and antique wood accents.” – New York designer Augusta Hoffman.

From textured wallpapers to patterned tiles, homeowners can play with various textures and patterns to create depth and personality in their spaces. The key is to find a balance between different textures and patterns to avoid creating a cluttered and disorganized look.

The use of contrasting textures like smooth and rough surfaces can create visual interest and provide an element of surprise within a space.

Another way to include texture is through layering accessories like pillows, rugs, and curtains. These choices bring warmth and texture to any room, perfect for rooms that feature a neutral color palette with a limited range of colors.

Textures that are trending

Specific textures are gaining popularity in 2024’s interior design trends. These include:



Woven Textures Adding interest and depth to any design scheme while providing a comfortable and textured feel to your spaces.
Metallic Textures Bringing a subtle glow that adds brightness and luxury to any living space, usually used in small doses.
Natural Stone Textures Providing understated elegance to interiors, creating visual interest and warmth around your spaces.

Textures add style and character to any room design. From subtle touches of woven textures to shiny metallics and natural stones, 2024 will feature an emphasis on visually interesting pieces.

Neutral Color Palette with Accents of Color

neutrals-colors-palette We expect that neutral color palettes will continue to dominate interior design trends. Warm and earthy tones are particularly popular for modern homes, along with timeless cool grays and stark whites. However, homeowners are now adding accents of color to their spaces to create visual interest and focal points.

Choosing the right accent color can be a daunting task, as it can make or break the overall look and feel of a room. We recommend starting with a complementary color wheel and selecting colors that are opposite to each other. This creates a visually striking contrast that can be used to highlight certain elements in the room.

When incorporating accent colors, keep in mind that less is often more. A statement accent wall or a few strategically placed décor pieces can make a huge impact. Avoid overloading the space with too many colors, as this can overwhelm the eye and create a chaotic atmosphere.

Whether it’s a splash of blue in the kitchen or a pop of green in the living room, incorporating strategic accent color choices allows for customization while maintaining an overall neutral aesthetic. It’s a balance that can be achieved with careful planning and a keen eye for design.

Statement Tiles and Bold Patterns

Credit: Rochelle Lee Interiors LLC. Photography: Shanna Wolf Photography

Statement tiles and bold patterns are still going strong as a popular design choice for traditional homes. These design elements are particularly great for adding personality and visual interest in kitchens and bathrooms. Whether it’s a backsplash in the kitchen or a patterned floor in the bathroom, statement tiles can create a striking focal point in any room.

Mitchell Parker, the Houzz home design expert, tells me that designers on Houzz are visually breaking up those expanses of tile. “Some designers are now installing a slab of stone or quartz behind the range or cooktop, while keeping the surrounding backsplash areas tiled,” he says. The slab is often the same material as the countertops.

Tile Type Design Style Placement
Geometric Tiles Modern Kitchen backsplash
Hand-painted Tiles Mediterranean Bathroom accent wall
Encaustic Tiles Vintage Bathroom floor

Designers are getting increasingly experimental with tile shapes and patterns, breaking the mold and encouraging homeowners to take risks with their choices. The use of statement tiles emphasizes the ability to personalize and create a memorable space that stands out. When it comes to tile, the possibilities are endless, allowing for complete creative freedom in any interior.

Along with statement tiles, bold patterns are still popular in 2024. From floors to walls, geometric patterns and fun prints add a playful touch to the space. By combining bold patterns with statement tiles, homeowners can create a captivating and unique interior that truly showcases their style.

Functional and Stylish Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

Credit: Caitlin Kah Interiors – Gulf Stream

Functional and stylish kitchen and bathroom designs take priority for homeowners. At Woodland Construction Group, we understand the importance of designing spaces that are both beautiful and practical. This is especially true for rooms that are used daily, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Here are some design choices that can elevate your kitchen and bathroom renovation:

      1. Kitchen Islands: Are becoming more multifunctional, offering extra storage space and, in some cases, a seating area. This allows for a socializing space right in the center of your kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen, consider a movable island so you can adjust the space as needed.
      2. Bathroom vanities: Custom bathroom vanities are gaining popularity due to their natural look and the ability to personalize them to fit your space. Consider adding a double vanity to your bathroom renovation if you need the extra space. This will also allow each person to have their own sink area, which can significantly reduce the morning rush.
      3. Utilitarian Features: While some may seem dated, there are still some practical features that are making a comeback in modern homes. This includes a utility sink for laundry and dirty clothes and a mudroom for those with active lifestyles. These features help keep your home organized while serving a practical purpose.

The angular shape of the herringbone creates interest in any space. And Parker points to it as another classic design element that is experiencing a renaissance.“ It’s becoming the go-to pattern for kitchens, bathrooms and more,” he says.“ But the typically horizontal zigs are beginning to zag in new directions — diagonally or vertically — to create an updated look with visual interest, movement, and texture.”

It’s a trend that Mastrangeli is already seeing, and she agrees it will be hot in 2024. “Herringbone creates visual texture and adds sophistication to a space, so expect to see herringbone tile, flooring, fabric patterning and more, since this is classic and timeless.”

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovation, design choices can vary widely based on individual preferences and lifestyle. At Woodland Construction Group, we can help you tailor your renovation to fit your unique needs while keeping up with the current interior design trends.


As we look ahead to 2024, we at Woodland Construction Group believe that the trends we’ve identified will continue to shape the world of home design. Homeowners are seeking out designs that balance functionality with style and that reflect their unique personalities and tastes.

By incorporating warm neutrals, decorative materials, and outdoor living spaces into your home, you’ll be embracing some of the most popular trends of the year. Additionally, by focusing on fluted details, statement pieces, and classic design elements with modern twists, you can create timeless interiors that will remain stylish.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation or simply looking to update your home decor, keeping up with the latest design trends is essential. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that your home is comfortable, welcoming, and on-trend. So why not try incorporating some of these popular design choices into your home today?

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Q: What are the top home design trends for 2024, according to Woodland Construction Group?

A: According to Woodland Construction Group, the top home design trends for 2024 include handmade features, unique cabinet designs, color trends, and innovative interior design concepts.

Q: What are some of the key interior design trends for 2024?

A: The key interior design trends for 2024 include a focus on handmade features, incorporating unique cabinet designs, and embracing color trends that define the overall aesthetic of a space.

Q: What can we expect in terms of color trends for home design in 2024?

A: In 2024, home design trends suggest a shift towards hues inspired by nature, such as sky-inspired blues and greens, as well as the prominence of warm neutrals that create a calming and inviting atmosphere.

Q: Are there any specific design elements that will be prominent in 2024?

A: Woodland Construction Group predicts that prominently, decorative materials such as stone or quartz, along with unique cabinet designs and handmade features, will be prominent in home design for 2024.

Q: What are the expectations for handmade features in home decor trends for 2024?

A: Handmade features are expected to take center stage in 2024, with an emphasis on custom craftsmanship and unique, artisanal touches that add character and individuality to interior spaces.

Q: How will the color trends for 2024 impact home decor?

A: The color trends for 2024 are expected to influence home decor by introducing more natural and soothing hues, such as earthy greens and calming blues, creating a tranquil and harmonious ambiance in living spaces.

Q: What role do cabinet designs play in the home design predictions for 2024?

A: Cabinet designs are set to play a significant role in the home design predictions for 2024, with an emphasis on unique and innovative designs that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a space.

Q: How will the 2024 home design trends influence interior spaces?

A: The 2024 home design trends are expected to influence interior spaces by encouraging the use of color palettes inspired by nature, the incorporation of handmade features, and the integration of distinctive cabinet designs to create visually appealing and personalized environments.

Q: According to Woodland Construction Group, what are some of the notable handcrafted features in the 2024 home design predictions?

A: Some of the notable handcrafted features in the 2024 home design predictions include custom cabinetry, intricately designed furniture, and artisanal elements that add a unique character to interior spaces.


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