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Expert Builder Redfin Tips: Essential Advice for Homeowners
Expert Builder Tips On Redfin
WCG - Featured on Redfin Blog - Building a house in Oregon

November 30, 2023

Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: Expert Builder Tips On Redfin

Building your dream home in Oregon is an exciting journey, shaped by the state’s diverse landscapes – from Portland’s urban scenes to the serene Willamette Valley.

This Redfin article is curated with insights from seasoned Oregon builders and navigates you through essential steps. From local building codes to sustainable practices, these practical tips empower effective project management, bringing your vision of an Oregon home to life.

Read the full article here: Building a House in Oregon: Expert Tips for Your Dream Home Journey in the Beaver State

WCG - Featured on Redfin Blog - Building a house in Oregon

2. Blend indoor comfort with outdoor beauty

When integrating indoor and outdoor spaces in Oregon, a key tip is to focus on creating a seamless transition between the two. This can be achieved through the use of large glass doors or retractable walls that open up to an outdoor living area. Incorporating similar flooring materials both inside and outside can also enhance this sense of continuity. Additionally, consider the use of covered patios or decks that provide protection from Oregon’s rainy weather, while still allowing for an outdoor experience.

“Our focus on timeless design, natural light, and smart technology ensures seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces,” states Woodland Construction Group.

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