How much it costs to build a two car garage in Portland, Oregon?
WCG-How much does it cost to build a two car garage in Portland Oregon?

How much does it cost to build a two car garage in Portland Oregon?

WCG-How much does it cost to build a two car garage in Portland Oregon?

Want to know the cost to build a two-car garage in Portland Oregon?

$97 – $267 cost per square foot to build a detached 2-car garage
$99,033 – $197,077 average cost to build a detached 2-car garage

In Portland, Oregon, the typical expense to construct a detached garage for two cars lands at $117,097. Breaking it down by size, the cost averages out to $203.29 for every square foot.

Let’s sharpen our pencils and focus on exploring the real cost of constructing a two-car, detached garage in Portland, Oregon. In this article, Woodland Construction Group reveals the costs and breakdowns, each phase priced per square foot, of building a two-car garage in the Pacific Northwest. After reading this article, you will have a complete understanding of the costs involved and the steps to find the right contractor to build your custom garage.

Are you thinking about adding a detached 2-car garage to your property? Let’s explore what it really costs to have a garage built by a licensed professional contractor in Portland, Oregon. Woodland Construction would love to partner with you, contact us today! Check out the table below for a detailed breakdown of the expenses and the Garage Building Cost Calculator for your custom build cost.

Table of Contents

Let’s break down the average cost of building a two car detached garage

Here is a full detailed cost breakdown for each fas of building a detached 2 car garage in PDX down provided by Woodland Construction Group.

*The figures below are the average cost to build a garage, and the cost is determined by the project. To receive a tailored estimate for your specific project, please contact Woodland Construction Group today!

Garage Building Cost Estimator

Portland Average Cost for 2 Car Garage

$18,650 – $20,613

How much does it cost to build a garage? The national average ranges from $18,650 to $20,613. Your project cost will depend on various factors, including your garage size, siding material, number of doors, and labor costs in your area. Use this calculator to estimate the cost of building a garage based on the information you input.

Garage Estimator Calculator

Estimated Cost

$77435 - $104765


Get a estimate from local garage building pro


Item Qty Unit Cost Per Foot Total Cost
Excavation 576 SF $7.46 $4,298.51
Foundation Stem Wall 576 SF $8.73 $5,029.25
Framing Walls 576 LF $13.43 $7,737.31
Ceiling Insulation 576 SF $3.36 $1,934.33
Walls Insulation 624 SF $2.61 $1,629.85
Drywall Ceiling 576 SF $5.97 $3,438.81
Drywall Walls 624 SF $5.97 $3,725.37
Windows 4 QTY $1,550 $4,402.99
Millworks 8 QTY $14.90 $8,582.09
Entry Door 1 QTY $2.85 $1,641.79
Roof Trusses & Supports 576 QTY $9.33 $7,737.31
Roof Architectural Shingles 12 RSF $13.43 $5,373.13
Electrical 1 QTY $9.33 $7,462.69
Concrete floor 576 SF $12.96 $5,158.21
Hardie Siding 850 SF $8.96 $9,514.93
Paint 2000 SF $4.48 $5,820.90
Lumber 1 QTY $29.80 $17,164.18
Gutters 50 LF $17.91 $895.52
Architectural Draws 1 QTY $11.67 $6,716.42
Permits 576 QTY $4.28 $2,462.69
Total Cost $117,097.47
Cost per Square Foot $203.29

Cost Considerations for Garage Construction

When planning to build a garage, a key aspect to consider is the size, which largely depends on the types of vehicles you own and their dimensions. For instance, a standard passenger car is typically about 14 feet in length, while larger vehicles, such as full-size pickup trucks, SUVs, or minivans, can measure up to 24 feet long.

It’s crucial to factor in not just the size of your vehicles but also any additional features they might have, such as bull bars, wheelchair lifts, or rear-mounted bike carriers. To ensure ease of movement and comfort, it’s recommended to plan for an extra 4 to 5 feet of space around each vehicle, providing ample clearance and accessibility.

Attached vs. Detached Garage Building Costs

Another important consideration is deciding between an attached or detached garage. Building an attached garage is more cost-effective than constructing a detached one. However, the total expenses will vary depending on several factors. These include the level of interior finishing you desire, the necessity for driveway paving, and whether you plan to incorporate a living space above the garage. Each of these elements can significantly influence the overall cost, making it vital to consider your specific needs and preferences when planning your garage project.

WCG-Detached-garage-planview-2-car-garage-How much does it cost to build a two car garage in Portland Oregon?

Comparing Costs: Attached vs. Detached Garages

Cost of Attached Garages When it comes to attached garages, the average cost varies based on size. For a single-car garage, the price range typically falls between $79,579 and $148,500. If you’re looking at a two-car garage, the starting cost is around $106,100. For larger needs, such as a four-car garage, prices can ascend to approximately $225,750. Options for attached garages include a fully enclosed and finished space or a more basic carport-style structure with only a roof and no walls.

Cost of Detached Garages Detached garages, on the other hand, start at about $79,579. Most homeowners spend between $109,100 to $157,870 for these structures. The total cost can be influenced by various factors, including the garage size and additional features. If you opt to include an apartment or living space above the garage, this will necessitate extra costs for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical installations. Additionally, if you need a doorway leading into the house from the garage, this will also impact the overall expenses.

Cost and Return on Investment for a Garage with an Apartment

Constructing a garage with an apartment can be a significant investment, with costs varying depending on the project’s scope. For a garage that spans around 576 square feet and includes a fully finished apartment, the average expense ranges from $167,000 to $235,000This investment can be particularly advantageous if the apartment is designed as a rental unit atop a detached garage, potentially enhancing your return on investment (ROI).

It’s important to note that while the potential for higher ROI is present, the initial costs are also substantially greater. This increase in expenditure is due to the need for additional amenities such as electrical, plumbing, an HVAC system, and a new roof to ensure the space is fully functional and habitable. These elements are crucial in maximizing the comfort and appeal of the apartment, thereby increasing its rental value and long-term financial returns.

Garage Materials Cost Breakdown

Garage Foundation Cost

A garage foundation costs $2,700 to $6,900, depending on the size. A standard 24’ x 24’ (2-car) garage foundation costs about $5,158.

The cost of laying a foundation for a garage can vary significantly based on its size. Generally, you can expect to spend between $2,700 and $6,300 for this foundational aspect of garage construction. For a more specific example, the foundation for a standard-sized 24’ x 24’ two-car garage typically amounts to approximately $8,987.

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Garage foundation cost

WCG-Garage-Stem-wallThe first step in constructing a garage foundation involves the pouring of concrete. The cost for this crucial material typically ranges from $120 to $170 per cubic yardIt’s important to note that additional charges may apply, ranging from $5 to $35 extra per cubic yard, if a boom arm pump is necessary for delivery. This could be due to access limitations at the construction site.

Garage Framing Cost

For garage wall framing, 2×6 timber is the most common choice. Framing costs generally fall between $11 and $24 per square foot, depending on the options you select.

Garage Framing Cost Per Square Foot

Frame type Cost per square foot
Permits $14
        • Timber frame is a preferred choice for its benefits: it’s lightweight for transport, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, offers good insulation, is easy to work with, and allows for rapid construction.

WCG-Detached-two-car-garage-the-framingGarage Interior Walls Cost

The installation cost for garage interior walls ranges from $5.5 to $7.75 per square foot, varying with the material and desired finish. Drywall is the most affordable option, whereas MDF and faux brick are more costly. Most building codes mandate a minimum of unfinished drywall for its fire-resistant properties.


Garage Finishing Cost Per Square Foot
Drywall $2.75
Window $550
Door $1,200
Paint $2.50

Garage Roofing

Installing an asphalt shingle roof typically costs between $3 and $7 per square foot. Before shingle installation, the roof needs framing and sheeting:

        • Framing a standard 2-car garage roof costs between $2,300 and $11,600.
        • Roof trusses cost $5 to $14 per square foot installed or $60 to $500 per truss for just the materials.

Once installing the trusses, contractors lay plywood sheets, apply underlayment, and then add the shingles.

WCG-process of installing a roof shingle-How much does it cost to build a two car garage in Portland Oregon?

Install Gutters on a Garage

Aluminum gutter installation costs start at $17.91 per linear foot.

A rain gutter system is designed to channel water flow down the garage corners through pipes, dispersing it a minimum of two feet from the foundation. Without such a system, accumulated water can cause foundation leaks or wood rot on the siding and soffits.

Garage Siding

Fiber Cement Siding installation costs start at $11.19 per linear foot.

Garage siding costs from $7 to $11 per square foot, influenced by the choice of material and style. Below are the price ranges for popular siding options:

Siding MaterialCost Per Square Foot*

Vinyl Siding $7 – $12
Aluminum Siding $9 – $15
Brick Siding $8 – $18
Fiber Cement Siding $6 – $13
Stone Siding $10 – $45
Wood Siding $4 – $13

Cost To Insulate a Garage

The average cost for insulating a garage ranges from $1.94 to $4.79 per square foot, varying with the insulation type. Batt and roll insulation are the most economical options, whereas spray foam insulation is at the higher end of the price scale. Typically, companies impose a minimum service charge of about $500 to $700.

Cost To Insulate Garage

Insulation Type Average Cost Per SF 1 Car 12’x24’ 2 Car 24’x24’
Batt $1.94 $931.20 $1,152.36
Blown In $3.59 $1,723.20 $2,132.46
Spray Foam $4.79 $2,299.2 $2,845.26

Garage Windows

Installing windows in a garage typically costs between $175 and $750 per window. While this adds to the overall cost, most detached garages feature at least one window. A larger two-car garage, especially with a workshop or storage space, might include up to three windows.

Garage windows are available in various frame materials such as steel, composite, vinyl, or wood. Additional features and options can include:

            • Single, double, or triple-panel windows
            • UV protection films for the glass
            • Exterior enhancements like shutters
            • Custom paint options

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Cost To Finish Garage

If the side of your home you are attaching the garage to has siding or a brick wall, you have two options:

        • Leave the surface as it is, though it won’t match the garage’s other interior walls.
        • Frame over the existing wall, hang drywall, and finish the surface to match the other interior walls.

Garage Door Installation Cost

Garage door installation costs $987 to $2,751, depending on the style, size, and quality you choose. Installing a single car garage door could cost as little as $897. This price includes the doors, labor, tracks, and materials.

WCG-detach-two-2-car-garageGarage Doors Prices

The average price for a garage door falls between $850 and $2,457, influenced by factors like size, style, material, and customization options. While aluminum doors are the most affordable, they are more prone to dents and damage. In contrast, fiberglass and wood doors provide a wider variety of design choices.

Garage Door Prices By Material

Material Single Door Double Doors
Aluminum $250 – $1,400 $300 – $2,000
Composite Door $375 – $1,300 $500 – $2,500

Garage Door Prices By Material Garage Door Opener Installation Costs Installing a garage door opener typically costs between $300 and $900, covering both labor and the opener. The price can vary based on brand, model, opener power, and the type of garage door. Garage Entry DoorsThe cost to install a garage entry door ranges from $750 to $1,500 for an exterior door or $450 to $1,100 for a fire-rated interior door, inclusive of labor and the door. Fire doors are often required by building codes to separate the house and garage. Garage Lighting and Electrical WorkElectrical and lighting installations in a garage can increase the total construction cost by about $2,500 to $5,250. Electricians typically charge $50 to $130 per hour for tasks such as wiring, outlet installation, circuit setup, lighting, or adding a subpanel.

      • GFCI outlet installation costs range from $150 to $350.
      • A dedicated circuit and 240V outlet installation can cost between $2,672 and $3,579, which is necessary for high-powered appliances like electric vehicle chargers.
      • Light fixture installation costs are $97 to $302 for fluorescent lighting or $101 to $407 for LED lighting, including both labor and the fixture.

Garage Accessories & Options

Garage Accessories & Options Additional Features and Options to Elevate Your Garage’s Usability: Creating a Functional Workshop Space

      • Garage Workshop Space:  Enhancing your garage with additional counter space or a workbench can significantly boost its functionality as a workshop area. On average, setting up a basic workspace with facilities for a vice and power tools costs between $9,759 and $19,798 in labor, depending on the complexity and duration of the project.

Optimizing Temperature with Heating and Cooling Systems

      • Heating and Cooling Your Garage: Installing an all-in-one mini split system can make your garage a comfortable workspace year-round. The investment starts at $8,789, with the final tally varying based on the size of your garage and specific temperature control needs.

Incorporating Plumbing for Convenience

      • Running Water:  The addition of running water requires an investment in plumbing. Expect to spend $1,200 to $2,000 per fixture, plus the cost of installing supply lines.
      • Water Supply Connection Considerations: Factors such as the garage’s distance from the main water supply and the types of fixtures installed (e.g., sinks or showers) will affect the overall cost, which can range from $1,500 to $4,500.

Enhancing Storage and Organization

      • Organizing with Storage & Cabinets: Prefab cabinets offer an affordable solution starting at $300 to $500 per unit. Prices for bespoke storage solutions tailored to specific needs start at $8,957.

Improving Access with a Direct Entryway

      • Door Entry Access: Adding a direct entryway from the garage to your home requires demolition and framing, with costs starting at $1,600.

Choosing the Right Driveway Material

      • Driveway Options: Concrete driveways cost between $14,973 and $29,987, while asphalt provides a more budget-friendly option, with prices ranging from $9,957 to $17,957.
      • Permits – Building permits cost $2,500 to $5,500. Building a garage may require multiple permits for structural, electrical, and plumbing work.

Return on Investment

When considering the cost of adding a garage to your home, it’s important to think beyond the immediate benefits of vehicle protection and extra storage. A key aspect to consider is the potential increase in your property’s value. Homeowners can anticipate an approximate 80% return on investment (ROI) in terms of added home value, although this can vary based on several factors.

Garage Building FAQs

1. What permits are required to build a detached 2-car garage in Portland, Oregon?

In Portland, a building permit is required to construct a detached garage. This includes zoning checks and ensuring adherence to local building codes. It’s advisable to consult with your contractor or the local building department for specific requirements.

2. How much does it cost to build a two car garage in Portland Oregon?

The cost varies based on materials, size, and customizations. On average, it can range from $20,000 to $50,000. For a more accurate estimate, it’s best to get quotes from local contractors.

3. What are the common dimensions for a 2-car garage in this area?

A typical 2-car garage in Portland is about 24 feet wide and 24 feet deep. However, dimensions can be adjusted based on specific needs and available space.

4. Are there any specific building codes in Portland that I should be aware of for garage construction?

Portland has specific codes regarding the structure’s size, location, and foundation. These include setback requirements from property lines and restrictions on height. It’s important to review these with your contractor or the local building authority.

5. How long does it take to build a detached 2-car garage in Portland?

The timeline varies but typically ranges from 3 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project and weather conditions. Your contractor can provide a more precise timeline based on your project.

6. What materials are recommended for building a garage in Portland’s climate?

Durable materials that can withstand wet conditions, like treated wood, vinyl siding, and metal roofing, are recommended. Portland’s climate requires materials resistant to moisture and mold.

7. Can I customize my detached garage to match my home’s aesthetic?

Absolutely. Many contractors, including local experts like Woodland Construction Group, can customize your garage to complement your home’s style, from matching exterior finishes to architectural details.

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In Portland, Oregon, the typical expense to construct a detached garage for two cars lands at $131,917. Breaking it down by size, the cost averages out to $183.21 for every square foot.

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